Client Testimonials

"After a few visits to and purchases from Studio D, I can't imagine shopping anywhere else! I have already started a major culling of my clothes, so I can concentrate on building a smaller, more essential wardrobe from Studio d". - Martha S.

"I LOVE shopping at Studio d. You cannot get any more local [...] Every piece I have fits perfectly. The quality, fabrics & styles are all amazing AND comfortable. Visiting Dianne is like having a personal stylist. She knows what suits me. Tell your friends to support local and shop at Studio d!" - Jane Sp.

"It is always a very inviting, fun shopping experience at Studio d's Pop-Up shop!! It is a must-visit!! My wardrobe is expanding with this amazing local designer who creates such stylish, comfortable and versatile clothing!!!" - Carina W.

"I love my Studio D clothing, and boy, I do have a lot of it... It's a great go-to whether I'm travelling far away, or just a trip to the grocery store and I want something casual, comfortable & stylish [...] to wear. Totally in love with my Studio d". - Natalie H.

"These clothes are timeless! Beautiful, comfortable and stylish. I still get compliments on outfits I bought from Studio d years ago". - Jane T.

"I love Studio d. For me, the clothing is the perfect blend of comfortable, functional, fashionable, and professional [...] It is no exaggeration to say that my entire Studio d experience has been excellent from start to finish. In store, the staff have helped me to pick out outfits that I looked and felt great in. Once home, I have been able to enjoy my outfits over the span of years. Most have become staple pieces in my wardrobe.

If you have yet to visit Studio d, I would definitely recommend that you consider doing so the next time you’re looking to expand your wardrobe. If you are anything like me, you will walk away feeling happy and extra confident". - Kristin J.

"I discovered Studio D a few years ago by [...] & I really liked the pieces I bought. They were so unique and stylish. Who knew that being stylish could be so comfortable [...] I am still wearing the beautiful poppy red dress that she made for me, and I have continued to add Studio d pieces to my closet every year. I am really impressed with the pants that Dianne designs [...] She tailors them to fit me perfectly.

I love visiting the Studio d Pop-Up Shop and the personal and friendly attention that Dianne provides to every customer - including me of course. Year-over-year, Studio d is my go to place to shop!" - Jane Sc.

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